Electric Floor Heating System for Tile Floors

  • Produces even, gentle heat distribution, creates no hot spots and safe for tile and glue-down wood floors
  • Flexible film material that is ultra-thin and will not raise the height of your new floor
  • Easy to install, peel and stick membrane to get your job done faster
  • Factory attached 15 ft. leads
  • Safe, you will have safe and low cost energy consumption warmed floors for just pennies a day
  • 10-year warranty
  • Control temperature comfort with an available floor sensing thermostat

QuietWarmth Peel and Stick is a lightweight, clean, quiet, hypoallergenic, highly efficient, sliver-thin and maintenance-free radiant heat system for tile and glue-down floors. Using a low energy consumption of 12 Watts per square foot, QuietWarmth Peel and Stick Radiant Heating Film provides up to 85% heated surface coverage to traditional tile, stone, marble flooring or glue-down wood, without any hot or cold spots. It is a highly efficient radiant heat film integrated in a waterproof anti-fracture membrane.

Installation Instructions

The QuietWarmth Peel & Stick mats are thin, flexile, and cleverly designed with a high end peel and stick adhesive on the striped side of the mat. This convenient design is less expensive to install without needing any extra self leveling mortar to adhere the mat to the properly prepared subfloor and will not raise the height of the flooring.

The conductive ink strips are configured in a parallel architecture, which allows the mat to be cut to fit to length. Peel and stick the mat to the clean sub-floor, run leads to the wall, and start tiling the same day!

Roll out film
Step 1: Roll out film
Roll out film
Step 2: Peel back release liner and stick mat to subfloor
Roll out film
Step 3: Same day flooring installation